Daily Star Sunday - UK SuperTooth D4 “A fabulous speaker at a fabulous price” View full article
Smartphonegadgets - France SuperTooth D4 “Un très bon son sort du D4, on peut l’utiliser de manière nomade ou le poser sur son bureau. Connectique standard : donc modulable et remplaçable facilement. Autonomie clairement bonne et un temps de recharge très rapide. Le transport ou la prise en main est simplifié par une sangle en caoutchouc fort pratique” View full article
Iphonophile - France SuperTooth HD VOICE “Une qualité exceptionnelle, tant en réception, la puissance des deux haut-parleurs est bluffante, qu’en émission, la qualité du double micro offre une conversation absolument parfaite.” View full article
Home Theater - Israel SuperTooth FREEDOM “The sound quality of the FREEDOM isn't the best you ever heard, but it is one of the best you can achieve in it's price range. We have the credibility of headphones from trusted French manufacturer selling Bluetooth products for years, with characteristics that comes from other competitors with higher price range, great comfort for long periods of use without fatigue, simple yet modern design, the ability to fold the pads and of course the price, all of those make the FREEDOM a perfect gift for each student, a young teenager, those who want a convenient solution for flights or even just as self treat.” View full article
The Gadgeteer - USA SuperTooth FREEDOM “I love them. At $149 the SuperTooth Freedom may be one of the most competitive Bluetooth headphones on the market. The sound is great, they are feature rich and with 15 hours of play time, they can carry you through almost any trip. The ability to use the Freedoms with an included cord means you will never miss a beat.” View full article
Alexblog- France SuperTooth D4 4 out of 5 stars “Cette enceinte va obligatoirement vous taper à l’œil par sa forme originale en porte-voix et sa petite poignée située au-dessus permettant de l’emporter avec vous en toute simplicité n’importe où. De plus, n’ayez crainte avec son petit poids de 500 grammes et sa taille standard elle ne sera pas encombrante. Un dernier atout en plus de sa techno Bluetooth est la prise en compte du NFC !” View full article
Techradar- UK SuperTooth CRYSTAL 3.5 out of 5 stars “If all you need from your hands-free kit is the ability to talk to people while driving, then there's a lot to recommend the SuperTooth Crystal. There are cheaper options available than this, which is priced at £49.99//AU$79/US$69, but this does at least feel like a quality piece of kit.” View full article
Phone Arena - USA SuperTooth D4 Rated 9/10 “a mere $49, you get a stylish looking compact speaker that amazingly doesn’t skimp out on the audio quality. Throw in its built-in NFC for a hassle-free pairing process, the SuperTooth D4 is well-endowed and dishes up quite a deal of value for the money.” View full article


Technology Tell - USA SuperTooth CRYSTAL “While waiting to get the chance to put the SuperTooth Crystal through its paces I thought I’d read the instructions and become acquainted with the functionality, but my husband had other ideas. Needless to say he had it paired with my phone before I had the chance to crack the cover of the limited instructions booklet, basically because it couldn’t be simpler to use, just turn Bluetooth on your device and hold down the power button for eight seconds.” View full article
The Globe & Mail - Canada SuperTooth HD VOICE “Not only does it sound noticeably louder, but the extra microphone does make a difference with noise cancellation. Callers could tell I was in a car or otherwise not holding the phone to my ear, but commented on how lively and clear my voice came through without background noise seeping in. Refusing calls was as simple as pushing the phone button, and the unit worked fine with all four major smartphone platforms.” View full article
Métro - France SuperTooth D4 “un bon rapport décibels / argent” View full article
PC MAG - USA SuperTooth FREEDOM 4 out of 5 stars “The exceedingly comfortable SuperTooth Freedom delivers surprisingly balanced, clean audio performance for a reasonable price.” View full article
Android Guys - USA SuperTooth D4 “a light, portable speaker that offers great sound quality and is incredibly easy to use. At $49, it’s well worth the investment” View full article
Coolsmartphone - USA SuperTooth D4 "a Bluetooth speaker with an interesting design and one that outputs great sound. Definitely worth your consideration." View full article
Travel Cafe - UK SuperTooth DISCO 3 "Take your music with you" - The Disco3 is "a great all round performer, and comes at a very low price. A good device that delivers what it promises, and looks unique while doing it." View full article
Beatweek Magazine - USA SuperTooth CRYSTAL Best of show at CES 2012 Award “Visor mounted bluetooth speakers are becoming increasingly en vogue as hands free laws force drivers to choose a wireless option and many find that bluetooth earpieces aren’t for them even as only the fancier of cars have bluetooth built in. SuperTooth’s new Crystal, which impressed us both with its slim body and its attractive design worthy of its “crystal” name, has a chance to move to the front of the back in 2012. And we learned from the company’s previous SuperTooth HD that the company is good at audio quality.”  
01 NET - France SuperTooth D4 3 out of 5 stars "L'enceinte Bluetooth SuperTooth Disco 4 séduit par son design et sa très bonne autonomie." View full article


Androidspin - USA SuperTooth FREEDOM 4 out of 5 stars “The SuperTooth Freedom’s are really an awesome set of headphones for the asking price of $149. They really stand their own against Beats or any other big name headset maker.” “I highly recommend these headphones if you’re seeking a pair of Bluetooth headphones with quality sound and NFC.” “The SuperTooth Freedom’s have a nice minimal clean design that competes with the likes of Beats and others. The sound is extraordinary for the price tag. NFC is a win for those with Android devices.” View full article
Android central - USA SuperTooth D4 "This is a pretty damn good Bluetooth speaker in a small, portable form — and for just $49." View full article
Androidheadlines - USA SuperTooth D4 "Generally Bluetooth speakers that are this good are usually over $100, so seeing it at just $49 is almost an impulse buy" View full article
GeekIrc - France SuperTooth DISCO 3 "Petit mais costaud" View full article
AndroidSpin - USA SuperTooth FREEDOM SuperTooth Freedom headphones Vs Beats - "similar quality at a much more affordable and reasonable price" View full article


T3 - Singapore SuperTooth FREEDOM 4 out of 5 stars “LOVE: Sounds great, easy to pair, comfortable. Long battery life. Good value.” View full article
Geek Dad - USA SuperTooth FREEDOM “Sound quality is pretty good, and they’re durable. They haven’t been broken yet—in this house! The padding on the earpieces is nice, and keeps them quiet on the outside so they don’t disturb other people. “They’re easy to use, and the Bluetooth connects almost instantly once you have it set up. It has a great range too. I’ve stood on one side of the house and listened to the iPad on the other.” View full article


Iphoneincanada - Canada SuperTooth FREEDOM Highly recommended “The very first thing that I noticed about the FREEDOM is how light they are as compared to the Logitech UE 9000 and many other similar-sized headphone offerings in the market.” View full article
Androidheadlines - USA SuperTooth FREEDOM 1st out of their top 10 ranking “These are amazing headphones. They are not only Bluetooth, but also have NFC on board. So you can tap to pair these to your device. The battery life is really long on these as well, which is always a huge plus.” View full article
Android Magazine - UK SuperTooth DISCO 3 4 out of 5 stars “minimal setup time, good and loud audio, and excellent battery life” View full article






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