The SuperTooth HD is a Bluetooth car speakerphone. It links wirelessly by Bluetooth with your phone and allows you to have hands-free calls while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel!

The SuperTooth HD doesn’t require any installation. Just attach it to your car’s sun visor via its durable, magnetic clip and enjoy hands-free calls while driving!







  The Bluetooth speakerphone you will hear from afar.





Features Twin Speaker V Array Technology® for enhanced audio power. The SuperTooth HD has two speakers with a 5 Watt audio output and a 5.4 Watt amplifier.




  Perfectly user-friendly  





A big, rotary button to keep your “hands free” as much as possible.
Volume DOWN   Volume UP   Voice commands   Redial command
Easy and quick access - just turn the button left to decrease volume.   Easy and quick access - just turn the button right to increase volume.   Easy and quick access - just press the button to access voice commands menu.   Easy and quick access - just press the button for 3 seconds to redial the last number.









    2 is better!!  

The most advanced technology for an outstanding quality of emission and reception.


• Dual speaker

• Dual noise canceller ( DSP )

• Dual microphone





    Automatic light dimming  

The backlight of the SuperTooth HD adapts automatically to ambient light in order not to distract the driver at night, for a safer driving.

















  Just talk, it listens to you!  

The SuperTooth HD is equipped with state-of-the-art voice commands, providing a hands-free solution for drivers, allowing them to answer the phone, call pre-dialed phone numbers, check battery level, check voice mail, and much more!

















With your SuperTooth HD, you can access your phone's functions easily by using your voice.

Say "What can I say?", and the speakerphone will say:

Check battery
Am I connected?
What can I say?
Voice dial
Redial last number
Call home
Call office
Call voice mail
Call emergency
Call contact 1, 2, 3, 4, 5




  Just talk, it sends your texts!  



SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant feature composes and sends SMS, e-mails, Facebook messages and Twitter notes by using your voice. The SuperTooth HD can also read incoming SMS and e-mails (for Androids and BlackBerrys only). This service is powered by Dial2Do.




  Just talk, you are driving safe!  






Thanks to voice commands and SuperTooth Handsfree Assistant service, you can talk and text on your phone keeping your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, so you can abide by the law and focus on driving.