The SuperTooth Disco was the first – and still is the only - portable speaker on the market capable of reaching 28 Watts of audio power. No other handy device of its kind can reach such a high level of audio power or offer this excellent sound quality.


Plug it in, turn up the volume, and enjoy the unmatched sound capacity of this little speaker!



  Improvised dinner, last-minute party… whatever the circumstances you’ll never run out of music!   Enjoy and share tunes while camping with friends, having a family picnic at the park, doing odd jobs in the garden or in the garage.   Listen to your favourite music while you are working at the office… or playing at home!   Use the SuperTooth DISCO with your tablet for a mini home-theatre experience!
With the SuperTooth DISCO you will enjoy listening to the audio when playing games, watching a movie or a video.




The SuperTooth DISCO is the only portable Bluetooth A2DP stereo speaker on the market able to produce 28 Watt of sound.

With a 12 Watt subwoofer and two 8 Watt stereo drivers you'll be blown away by 28 Watt of high quality audio!


- Internal Subwoofer amplifier power 12 Watt RMS (real)
- Internal Left / Right audio power amplifier: 2 x 8 Watt RMS (real)
- Subwoofer speaker using Neodyne high efficiency system
- Left / Right full range speaker with parabolic membrane
- All speakers magnetic shielded























The SuperTooth DISCO is designed to play music for hours on end. The integrated rechargeable battery ensures three to four hours of non-stop, high-volume music, and up to ten hours of moderately played melodies. Additionally, the SuperTooth DISCO is sleek and compact, with a case that easily slides into a purse or bag.


Forget the wires, cables and other connectors; the SuperTooth DISCO is compatible with the latest version of iPhone, iPad - or even iPod Touch. The SuperTooth DISCO is equally compatible with all other phones, smartphones including Android, PCs, and MP3 players that support Bluetooth A2DP.