The SuperTooth BUDDY is a Bluetooth car speakerphone. It links wirelessly by Bluetooth with your phone and allows you to have hands-free calls while driving. Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel!

The SuperTooth BUDDY doesn’t require any installation. Just attach it to your car’s sun visor via its durable, magnetic clip and enjoy hands-free calls while driving!



    Drive in style and take it easy!  

The SuperTooth BUDDY features an ultra sleek design and high-quality finishings to fit perfectly into any car. Thanks to its user friendly button interface, the SuperTooth BUDDY is so easy to use.






















  Private AND professional !  

The SuperTooth BUDDY supports Multipoint technology. It is very practical if you have both a personal and a business mobile phone, as it can be connected to both phones simultaneously. You don't have to choose anymore!





  Automatic reconnection  








Through "Auto Connect" technology, the SuperTooth BUDDY is able to reconnect automatically to your mobile phone if it has been paired previously.

As soon as you approach the kit, the SuperTooth BUDDY detects your phone and reconnects to it.

No manipulation is required on your part.







  Outstanding audio quality  

The SuperTooth BUDDY is equipped with a flexible microphone especially designed to absorb vibrations, reduce noise and cancel echo.

This microphone can improve the quality and comfort of communication.